New Fluorite from Frohnau in Germany, Silver from Germany & China, Acanthite from Germany, TOP Andradite specimens from Greece, Ruby from Afghanistan and more..

Silver with Proustite Germany
Fluorite Germany
Ruby Afghanistan
Fluorite Germany

Fine pieces: Fluorite from China, Germany and Spain, Wire Silver from Freiberg, Wood Tin from Bolivia, Serandite, Bertrandite, Symplesite from classic localities

Native Silver Freiberg
Azurite Morocco
Fluorite Spain
Fluorite China

Classics from all over the world: Fluorite from Saxony, Acanthite from Freiberg, Native Gold and Cassiterite from Czech Republic, Dioptase from Tsumeb and so on

Smoky Quartz Switzerland
Fluorite Spain
Dioptase Namibia

Tourmaline Siberia + Myanmar, Acanthite Marocco, historic Grossular, Prismatine from Type Locality Waldheim - old label; Mimetite Badenweiler Black Forrest ...

Tourmaline; Liddicoatite Myanmar
Tourmaline; Liddicoatite Siberia
Barite Cumberland

Gem Topaz Siberia and Australia - old label; Scheelite from Saxony; dendritic native Silver on Arsenic from Saxony; Fluorite Austria, Spessartine Brazil ..

Silver on Arcenic Saxony
Fuorite Austria
Spessartine Brazil

Spessartine Garnet from Brazil, Spessartine Granet from Pakistan; Pyromorphite on Barite from China.

Pyromorphite China
Spessartine Pakistan
Spessartine Brazil